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"Behind the Turntables: A Q&A with DJ Jonney Miles"

What inspired you to become a DJ? 

Seeing the crowd react to the music at a house party back in 2006, Back then house parties were something else and being part of the flier party scene made it easy to grab some used equipment and rock parties.

How did you fall in love with Hip-Hop?

When I was in 6th grade, I first found graffiti and Hip-Hop came along for the ride. 

My very first CD was Immortal Technique Revolutionary Vol. 1.  And I been a fan ever since. I finally got to meet him last year at Rhyme Fest 10 year anniversary when he was the host. I hear this year he is performing a set,  can't wait to experience it live.

What sets your DJ style apart from others?

Since I love music in general, my style is a fusion of scratching, Blending and soul searching. 

How would you describe your signature sound?

Energetic and full of life! Hip-Hop is also about having fun and I like to remind people of that.

How do you curate your music selection?

I read the crowd and start with one song, I don't create sets, I let the music takeover.

What do you enjoy most about performing at Rhyme Fest?

The interaction with the crowd is what I love most, seeing people having fun makes me happy, and at Rhyme Fest it feels like a big Hip-Hop Family Gathering.

How do you engage with your audience during your sets?

Getting on the mic and listening to their body language is super important, also being present at every note and beat.

Do you stay current with music trends?

Honoring the classics is easy, since that's what I grew up on and as far as staying current I always take requests and that's a good way to stay tapped in! 

I know, I know some Dj’s will be mad at me for this but I do take requests:)

What artists have had a significant influence on your DJing style?

Dj AM, DJ Jazzy Jeff and of course Dj Qbert, and I know Qbert is doing a set at Rhyme Fest so I'm excited to see his set. If I wasn't performing this year I would have purchased a ticket for sure just to see him. 

What advice would you give to aspiring DJs?

Have fun, be willing to experiment and just be you, Authenticity wins!  

Oh and Practice,Practice,Practice… Practice. lol

Do you have any rituals or routines you follow?

Usually on show dates, I start my day with eating eggs Benedict, 

It reminds me of family time.

What are you most looking forward to at Rhyme Fest, this year ? 

Sharing the stage with heroes I grew up listening to! And performing at the biggest real Hip-Hop Festival in Los Angeles is a dream come true.

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Frankie Pardo
Frankie Pardo
Apr 03

best house dj!


Mystery Baking
Mystery Baking
Apr 03

Dope !!!!

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