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"Behind the Turntables: Exclusive Q&A w/ DJ Great Daine"

What inspired you to become a DJ?

After high school (Aiea Hight) in Hawaii, I moved to the Mainland and during that time, I started to played the drums and also had join a breakdancing crew,

so I always felt the beat, once I came to California in the 90s I was in the middle of all of it and just wanted to be a part of it!

Does your Filipino heritage influence your music style?

definitely can’t lie about that! There’s a lot of line dancing and family parties that Filipinos do that have influenced me in my style, also have diversity of music and not be prejudiced to sound in general.

When did you start to Dj and how you get introduced to the scene ?

1992 is when I started to Dj, A good friend of mine named "Dj HAVOK” introduced me to the Beat Junkies early on and I have seen it grow from backyards to Arenas.

What challenges have you faced in this journey on becoming a Dj, and how did you handle them?

I always faced obstacles, being half Filipino and half American. I was either not enough Filipino or just American. I didn’t let it phase me. I kept pushing and kept breaking barriers always not giving in to other peoples opinions and keeping my eye on my goals!

Do you see any specific challenges or opportunities for Filipino artists in the hip-hop industry?

I’ve seen it grow so big in the past 30 years. I do see lack of resources for the Filipino an Asian community in general. But through different organizations, such as the Filipino Chamber of Commerce, and other organizations, I was once part of the community has definitely come together and grown and benefited in the hip-hop scene and has prospered to encompass the friendliest of the Filipino community.

For you what makes Hip-Hop stand out in the global music scene?

It is a perfect way to capture the hearts and minds and souls of people. Through wordplay and manipulating words to bending minds and open different perspectives of the world.

How did you first get introduced to Rhyme Fest ?

My good friend , Dj LaLa introduced me Scooby and I was able to Dj at Rhymfest I think about 10 years ago. And then I was apart of Rhymfest again 2023 .

Share some highlights that have impact your career ?

1998 I remember DJing at the first smoke out fest at peppers in the city of industry. It was crazy. We had ICE T and I remember ICE T getting pulled over by the cops just after making the song cop killers it was insane right in front of peppers and industry at the 1st smoke out I was lucky to be a last min guest DJ that night !!!

Can you talk about your experience in the California DMC DJ Championships?

I have been honored and have been blessed to host the world DMC battles in the Los Angeles area since 2009. I’ve built so many relationships, so many bridges, memories with such amazing and good  people, being a part of building the next generation of DJs and the DMC DJ battles giving kid and adults that outlet to achieve there dreams fine tune there art !

Besides being a Dj you also organize events in the cannabis space, Do you find any similarities between the Hip-Hop culture and cannabis?

What can I say Cannabis and hip-hop just music in general they go hand-in-hand they overcome barriers and they help relax the people on this planet but more can I say, it’s beautiful and all Aloha 

How does your love for DJing intersect with your interest in the import cars scene, and do you find any parallels between the two cultures?

I just remember the import scene I was a part of it back in the early 90s late 90s also I was in a race crew called stage one racing. My friend Polo started it. Definitely was a great in hip hop  scene and the import car scene as well, One went with the other naturally. it was just something that came together as a package it seemed like and it was fun even to this day , I think back about it often

Tell us more about the charity work you're involved in, and  how do you think DJs can contribute to social causes? 

For the last seven years I have been doing food drives every Thanksgiving and toy drives for Christmas for the last seven years. It’s been heartwarming to contribute and give back to the community. I also donate my time to events where Djs or gear such as speakers lighting and stages are needed for schools in LA and Orange County for the past 10 years.

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